The future of business management is here.

What is TeamCloud?

A next-generation ERP II platform
  • It combines the power of an ERP system with
  • the flexibility of an entity-relationship-modelling engine and
  • the collaborative efficiency of a social network.
A business management software
  • It adapts perfectly to your business case.
  • It keeps adapting as your business evolves.
  • It keeps improving as you refine your strategy.
Your business is unique
  • Don’t depend on predefined ERP modules that fit your business case poorly.
  • It’s time for an ERP solution that sees your uniqueness as an advantage.
  • TeamCloud can be tailored to the most complex demands.
Built on state-of-the-art technology
  • ERP has never looked this good.
  • TeamCloud’s intuitive, self-explanatory user experience is designed for fast learning.
  • Accessible through any modern browser, TeamCloud can be instantly deployed on a multitude of devices.

Take your business to the next competitive as never before.

The gold standard for modelling your business

In TeamCloud, your business entities, processes and their various relationships can be modelled in any detail.
Whether employees, customers, locations, incidents, reports, events, vehicles or equipment, TeamCloud adapts to meet your most challenging demands.
Gather data, track processes and analyse your business accurately. Don’t let your ERP system constrain you.

Incentivise your team

Powered by TeamCloud, your team always knows what needs to be done.
Tasks are fully integrated into business processes and reflect the way that you work.
Set performance targets to track the efficiency of individuals and of whole departments. Encourage competitiveness among your team.

Collaborate more effectively

Use TeamCloud Messenger for process-centric instant communication.
Keep structured knowledge and relevant discussions inside your company.
Cut down on E-mail traffic and increase your team’s collaborative effectiveness.

Maintain control

Design KPIs and track their development through time.
Never lose sight of what is happening to your business processes.
Filter out the noise and react only to what truly matters.

Optimize decision-making

Use TeamCloud’s powerful analysis tools to calculate divergences, visualize compositions and predict trends.
Extract and correlate deep insights from your data.
Track the effectiveness of management decisions with unprecedented accuracy.

Case study

We’re using TeamCloud to manage the qualifications for over 600 of our drivers.

  • Our managers can see in real-time who needs to be qualified in what disciplines.
  • TeamCloud guides them through the qualification process on a daily basis and lets us evaluate the training protocols in many ways.
  • Since introducing TeamCloud into our company, we have been able to further develop the efficiency and precision of our qualification process.

We’re also using TeamCloud to gather very precise documentation about incidents such as accidents, spills and cross-overs.

  • We want to analyze and predict when such incidents occur more accurately so that we can take the right measures to avoid them.
  • By using TeamCloud to correlate incident statistics with driver qualification data, we were able to deduce highly relevant insights which we use for improvement.

Volker Schmitz
Managing Director
Hoyer Mineralöl Logistik GmbH

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