Slide TR TeamCloud Training Planning and documentation entirely paper-free! The training module takes singular care of the planning and management of repetitive events. It delegates pending tasks to the parties or people responsible. Back to the overview Functionality & details
Planning & documentation
Plan and document trainings / check-ups / examinations / audits / inspections / other events usually documented on paper for employees / vehicles / machines / equipment / property / locations / etc.
Management & coordination
Distribute these events among your employees, track their execution and analyze the workload of your team through a live calendar
Track qualifications / certification scores / requirements / expiry dates completely automatically for one-time as well as repeated items
Calculate requirements
Requirements are calculated automatically on the basis of legal requirements / customer requirements / internal requirements / etc.
Digital employee assistant
Find out in just a few clicks what needs to be done at a location / within a region / within a department / for a customer
100% paperless work
Create individual paperwork / guidelines / manuals / tick lists that guide your employees through the event, even at locations without internet access!
Optimized for mobile devices
Document your events where they happen using laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Upload photos and documents directly from these mobile devices.
Automated management
All data including expiry dates and status are automatically updated after events are signed off
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