Communiation. Analysis. In a single app. DISCOVER WHAT IS POSSIBLE. SCHEDULE DEMO DATE NOW. Planning. Reporting. of your operative processes. DISCOVER WHAT IS POSSIBLE. SCHEDULE DEMO DATE NOW. Perfect controlling Transport and resource management Sales forecasts and demand calculation via machine learning DISCOVER WHAT IS POSSIBLE. SCHEDULE DEMO DATE NOW. TeamCloud offers much more!
Automatic requirement analysis and demand calculation supported by machine learning
on the basis of legal, customer, and internal requirements. Calculate your resource or stock requirements with a single click.
Turn your users into pro analysts
Real-time integration and powerful analysis of all data, including customizable KPIs.
Transport management and simulation
Transport management has never been so easy. This module automatically considers all relevant criteria such as customer requirements, qualifications, driving and break times, work hour regulations, axle weights, transport volume, weight distributions and many other constraints. Automatic forecasts allow your team to reduce transport costs easily.
Industry-leading technology
compatible with all major devices and platforms
Multiple platforms
TeamCloud can quickly be installed on Windows, Android, and iOS.
Multiple form factors
TeamCloud is optimized for PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Customizable & modular system
TeamCloud modules can be combined arbitrarily to best support your business case.
Powerful and quick at once
Analysis of real-time data without delay: TeamCloud accelerates your processes!
in wide operational usage
leading enterprises depend on proven TeamCloud technology
Trainings, check-ups, and examinations documented
Incidents documented
Transports documented
transport documents captured
operating locations served
Employees managed

Volker Schmitz
Hoyer Mineralöl Logistik GmbH
Managing director


We are using TeamCloud to manage the qualifications for over 600 drivers. Since the introduction of the system to our company the efficiency and precision of our training processes has significantly improved . What's more, we are also documenting incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, spills, and cross-overs via TeamCloud. The system allows us to correlate incident data and training data. We were thus able to come to highly relevant insights that we have used for continuous improvements .

Frequently asked questions

By using TeamCloud they could not only optimize their processes but also reduce the total costs . Regardless of the size of your business, TeamCloud allows you to achieve big tasks and optimally utilize your resources..

From a management and controlling perspective, you can take hold of these processes effectively and increase the related performance indicators . From an operational perspective, all available data can be cross-related without major effort .

Our customers, who are among the leading enterprises and organizations in their field, managed to reduce the human resources cost for key processes . At the same time they could use TeamCloud to keep important know-how inside the company..

The TeamCloud system is built upon the latest security standards. All communication proceeds through industry-strength encryption protocols that are also employed within online banking. Accessing TeamCloud can also be restricted by two-factor authentication, further ensuring the safety of your sensitive data.

All that you need in order to use TeamCloud is a modern web browser. Whether from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone: If your employees can access websites from their devices, then they can access TeamCloud as well. Moreover, the TeamCloud can also be installed on desktop or mobile devices.

By default TeamCloud is available in English and German. If necessary, the system can also be localized into other languages. It is also possible to assign user accounts to specific languages, enabling diverse teams to access the same system through multiple languages.

TeamCloud is being used since 2015 by leading corporations and organizations. Thousands of employees throughout Europe are using the system every day to perform operationally essential tasks.

The TeamCloud Connect module already includes interfaces to other systems. As a part of the deployment process, we can also connect it to other software within your IT landscape to ensure an optimal flow of information.

Very simple: Contact us now to schedule a date for a live demonstration via video conferencing!

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