Slide IN TeamCloud Incidents Smart forms for all situations! The incident module captures and manages incidents throughout your business and distributes related information among all concerned people and parties, such as the insurance department. Back to the overview Functionality & details
Customizable incident types
Relevant to your business: Motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, security incidents, near misses, personal injuries, process errors, and many more. TeamCloud follows your current incident investigation process to the letter, but in an intelligent, optimized, and paperless manner.
Documentation via mobile devices
Documentation is possible directly via smartphones or tables: Attach relevant photos and documents on site
Employee register
Stay aware about prior incidents of employees and about their qualification status (full integration with TeamCloud Trainings).
Role-based and centralized
Different team members can be responsible for different parts of an incident investigation. From the first call to the call center up until the final sign-off by the management level, the whole investigation process is performed digitally and is automatically moved forwards.
Customizable approval levels
In perfect accordance with your company structure: Responsible people are automatically assigned according to freely configurable hierarchical and structural rules.
Reduced time of documentation
The smart data capturing form guides responsible parties automatically through the documentation process, only asks relevant questions and promotes accuracy as well as consistency of the documented information.
Remain in control about the status of the incident documentation: Which data is still outstanding? Who is responsible?
No e-mail traffic required
All communication between the responsible parties can be conducted via TeamCloud.
Forwarding of information
Customizable E-mail and PDF exports of all documented information. Forward the gathered data to customers / insurers / other departments with a simple click.
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